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Fire Alarm

We Specialize inf Fire Alarm Systems. We take care of all your needs from designing your project to meet local and national fire codes. To installing the system and submitting final documentation with local authority approval.

Protect your home or business from more than just crime!

Fire is a very real concern to both business and home property owners. Although it may be easy to rebuild an office or home after a fire, it is not easy to rebuild your losses or compensate for the emotional trauma suffered. Fire records conclusively prove that most large loss fires reach their destructive proportions because of belated detection of fire and smoke, or because of delay in summoning fire officials. Since the first five minutes of a fire are the most crucial, early detection and reliable notification of fire-fighting forces are the key elements that make Fire Alarm Detection Systems vital in protecting you from disastrous fires.

Fire Alarms

Accel can install manual alarms that allow you to alert your employees to a hazardous situation while simultaneously summoning the fire department. Our Automatic Fire Detection Systems go a step beyond, detecting and reporting heat or smoke instantly and automatically via our 24 hour Monitoring Station. Our system detects a fire hazard in its crucial early stages warning occupants to evacuate and reducing potential property losses. Our monitored fire protection systems include: Smoke and heat detectors. Manual fire alarm system boxes. Sirens and strobe lights to alert occupants of danger and help get them to safety. Addressable fire zones to pinpoint the source of the fire and help fire fighters extinguish it quickly.